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From a really early age I was fascinated by stories. By adventure. Anything that had mystical worlds, love, mythical creatures and a quest.
I loved seeing how extraordinary people could create the world.
My normal, everyday reality became mundane and boring. Fictional characters and their storyline’s became my escape for how much magic I lacked in my own self and life.
Even now I am still drawn to writing.
It’s as if every cell in my body feels the vibration of the words on the page.
With words we create pictures and with pictures we attach emotions and with emotions we create connections and therefore the story becomes yours.
The question is…is who you are now just a story? Just a character you think you have to play to feel accepted!?
Really think about it…
I see now how stories mould us, shape us and teach us deep and nourishing lessons.
But I also see that it’s also the small things that can make life extraordinary; that smell before rain, the colours of a sun set, the full moon rising…
These aren’t easily describable- something between you and nature or you and God.
You see…magic exists. It’s in our kindness, our gratitude, our aliveness. It’s in the love we allow for ourselves and others. THIS…is where we draw abundance to us.
Remember – you are not just a supporting character in a play! You are the MAIN character in the story of your LIFE and contribute to the story of humanity.
Walt Whitman said when really assessing your identity “…and identity…that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.
…what will your verse be?”
To live deliberately, to create an extraordinary life you must FEEL worthy of it.
What will your life look like 10 years from now?
What are your most compelling goals?
What is it that you will regret not doing when you are lying on your death bed?
Get out of your own way and starting living your dreams and creating the Adventure and story of your own life.
It’s starts with YOU!
Original post by Becken Fuggle
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