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You have to give yourself permission to take up the space you need in this life.
To say no even when it’s easier to say yes. And to say yes when it’s more comfortable to say no.
To not doubt yourself and the way your body communicates what is best for you.
To trust that sometimes the timing feels like swimming upstream, or letting others down, or breaking a belief that’s held you protectively for years for something bigger that’s calling you.
To love who you love in ways that feel soothing and safe or wild and intoxicating, for your soul is always guiding you to growth through your willingness to experience.
To feel at ease with knowing when it’s time to talk and let the words spill forth from your honest heart. And when it’s time to listen and let your presence be a well of nourishment and wisdom for the confessions of those who seek your sanctuary. And to allow when its time to nestle into the silence and find peace in the stillness that lives there.
You’re unfolding into a galaxy of treasures that have laid quietly sleeping within you, waiting for this season of awakened activation.
This day is laced with precious moments to observe your worthiness. It will mirror back miracles of your being if you let it show you the way.
Place your right hand on your solar plexus and your left hand on your heart. Now breathe in the love you seek, the respect you deserve and the wellbeing that showers you in light, as you exhale your doubts, your burdens and the limits you’ve placed on your readiness to align to the wholeness of your exquisite soul.
~ Romy Wyser
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