by PathofthePhoenix

Are stress and anxiety wearing you down?

Do you feel like your life is out of control and you’re just along for the ride?

Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere in a hurry and that every turn is in the wrong direction?

Well that was me until I learned to take control of my life and bring everything back into harmony.

My name is Carmel Standen and together with my daughter Emily, we make up the Path of the Phoenix team.

From a very young age I can remember playing with the energy I could feel between my hands. I used to love making balls of energy, then filling them with love, peace and joy and throwing them at my family and friends. I could see their body’s light up when the balls washed over them and watched the energy being absorbed into them. I was always told my hugs were filled with love and that my hands felt warm and tingly whenever I touched someone. As I got older, I realised this wasn’t considered normal, but for me it was as natural as breathing. I was always considered a bit weird by my peers and didn’t really fit in, especially at an all-girls catholic school!

It was in my late teens that I started researching and reading everything I could find on energy and alternative religions and dabbled in many different belief systems while starting to form my own views on what I now call spirituality. I learnt about metaphysics and quantum realms, alternative realities and parallel universes. I was like a sponge, soaking up everything I could lay my hands on.

I was 19 when I met my now husband and several years later our son came along. As a toddler he used to tell me about his friend the dragon and the castle covered in roses and thorns he had built in his room. He recalled being a knight and fighting to protect a kingdom. He was also considered gifted and intelligent for his age. This led me to more research. Can you see a theme here? I started delving into gifted children and learnt about the Indigo and Crystal children, Starseeds and Lightworkers. Things just kept making more and more sense and I began to feel less alone.

It wasn’t long before our daughter entered the world and turned it all upside down. She is affected by a unique digestive disorder that was diagnosed before birth and spent all her childhood and teenage years in and out of hospital, enduring multiple major surgeries and countless other procedures. This in turn created other physical and mental health issues. Feelings of anger, frustration, anxiety, depression and pure overwhelm were all part and parcel of our daily lives. In an effort to help her deal with all her medical problems I started looking into alternative and complementary therapies. I added crystals, essential oils and Reiki to my practices and trained in Holistic Counselling and Meditation Therapy. Anything that might help ease her pain was at least considered. After years of putting into practice everything I had learned and by using my own gifts, she is now a happy and relatively healthy young adult.

In 2013 our lives were changed forever when we, and two hundred other families, lost our home and everything we owned to a bushfire that ravaged the Blue Mountains here in Australia.

Those feelings of helplessness, loss and disorientation were some of the most difficult emotions we’ve had to deal with. Learning to reach out and ask for assistance was a deeply humbling experience. We understand on a personal level what it takes to live through trauma and continue to deal with the aftermath on a daily basis.

Although there were professionals available to assist us, there was no one who truly understood what we were experiencing or acknowledged that the help we required was far more than our obvious physical needs. We needed someone who understood that our lives were affected in a multitude of different ways and that it had changed not only our lives, but those of the people around us.

It was through these flames that Path of the Phoenix and our desire to help others was born.

Now entering my fifties, I’m a wife and mum of two young adults, and like many others, our life is still a roller coaster with many highs and lows. I have added Holistic Wellness Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy to my arsenal of knowledge and now I get to share it, not only with my family, but with anyone who resonates with what we have to offer.

During a session, I use my gifts, knowledge and training to help you:- reconnect to your inner wisdom, learn to follow your intuition, clear low frequency emotions and limiting beliefs & strengthen your connection to your spiritual guides and guardians.

I support you in realigning your mind, body & spirit and empower you to reclaim your path in life.

For those that like the details, I’m a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy.  I have a Diploma of Holistic Wellness Coaching and certificates in Holistic Counselling, Holistic Human Development, Meditation Therapy, Empath Therapy, Intuitive Numerology and Reiki, as well as a Professional Certificate in Food & Nutrition Coaching.

Emily is a Universal Wisdom Keeper, Channel for the Angelic Realms, Energy Healer & Spiritual Mentor with a certificate in Aromatherapy Consultancy. She is also an avid nature photographer and lover of the natural world, and the creative force behind my beautiful graphics and our product line – Aetherial Creations.

I have developed multiple techniques that allow me to offer all our services online via Zoom.

This allows me to help and guide people from all over the globe.

So, what are you waiting for?


and together we can get your life back on track.


Carmel & Emily xx