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Animal Messengers – What are they trying to tell us?

by PathofthePhoenix

Sometimes we dream about a particular animal or we are visited by one in physical form. Sometimes we may just feel a strong affinity towards one. No matter what the connection is there is a message waiting for us.
Animals are blessed with specific characteristics, strengths and weaknesses just as we are. By learning about these animals, we can see their message to us. If you identify strongly with a particular animal, you may share their traits or may have something to learn from them.
The animals in the list below are commonly found in Australia and details of their traits are a guidance to get you started. As always when trying to interpret sacred signs, your first intuition or thought when you see an animal is the most important as it is what your spirit is trying to tell you.
The ant is tenacious, strong, aggressive, generous, and very meticulous. The ants most pronounced characteristic is patience. An ant can wait patiently for hours, hidden in the sand, for its prey, or it can transport items larger than itself over long distances without giving up. Ants typically live in groups, and everything is done for the ant colony and the good of the community. The ant teaches that you will have everything you need and will receive it when you need it most. It is the symbol of basic trust. It knows that it will ultimately be rewarded for all its efforts. If your activities are for the common good, then you will receive back any energy that you have expended in amplified form. It may be, however, that you will have to put greater effort into the realization of your dreams and use your creativity.
The bat is the symbol of rebirth. On one hand, bats live in dark caves that are reminiscent of the darkness of the grave; on the other hand, they rest their heads down, which corresponds to the position of a baby just before it is born. In the process of spiritual rebirth a person must face their fears and meet their real self to be reborn as a new person free of restraints. This involves deep personal examinations, which will take him both to his mental and physical limits. If a bat flies through your life or dreams, this indicates that it is time to take leave of a part of yourself i.e. a particular characteristic or circumstance. It is important to die a ritual death in order to be able to develop further.
The bee is a symbol of being happy in ones work. The arrival of the bee in your life is a signal to evaluate how organized, industrious and productive you are in your life. Fundamentally the message is that through your work you will grow wisdom; your connection to the community will flourish, and your surroundings will be a fertile abundance. Sometimes we can take on unhealthy obsessive or defensive natures in our work, becoming too serious, addictive or demanding of ourselves or others. The bee reminds us that to our enjoy work is to experience a joyful life.
The brolga symbolizes the sacred spiral of death and rebirth, the never-ending dance of life between good and evil. Many dreamtime stories talk of the dance of a beautiful woman who was taken by an evil spirit into the Milky Way never to return. The Brolga invites you to join it in dancing the dance of the sacred divine creation. It can help you to recognize how you move through spiritual and physical space and the effects your movements have. Examine the way you guide your energies in line with what you would like to achieve.
The butterfly symbolizes intuitive transformation and consciousness. It teaches us to make changes to our lives, create new conditions, and make dreams come true. Every new idea and every step towards enlightenment reflects the development of the butterfly. The egg of a butterfly signals the birth of a life or new idea. The larvae stage represents life’s learning and experiences. The cocoon represents the breaking free of misconceptions and beliefs for expansion. Finally, the hatching of the butterfly symbolizes the beginning of consciousness and new reality. The Butterfly reminds you that you are continually in a state of transformation and all is well.
The bull symbolizes strength of purpose versus impulsiveness. He teaches us to carefully look to our past experiences and learning to determine how we will create our future. The Bull tells us that the future is abundant and fertile if not rushed into without proper preparation and facts. Gaining insight into impulsive behaviours will boost personal power and successful decision making.
The cassowary is a messenger about domination and bullying. The Cassowary is a beautiful flightless bird with great strength but bears a terrible temper. He has the unfortunate tendency to attack anyone who violates his territory, and although he is not stupid, he lacks in the art of strategy and tactfulness, preferring to “attack now, and ask questions never.” The Cassowary is not specifically bloodthirsty or cruel; in fact he is quite gentle and loyal to family and friends and would rather avoid confrontation. However when a Cassowary feels killing is the necessary solution he strikes swiftly, going for a quick, clean kill.
The cat is the bearer of secrets. It knows all the old secrets that have been forgotten a long time ago. It moves freely through space and time. Since it maintains silence most of the time, it is difficult to learn the things that it knows. Seeing a cat (or any feline) in your dreams is a hint that there may be secrets within you or others of which you do not know. If the power of the cat is strong in a person, that person will have a very particular kind of perceptiveness. By using reflection, he will recognize the true selves of others along with his own identity. He will also discover the daily ritual of self-deception.
The crab represents the male aspects of community, protection and home space. He is also a symbol of pending good luck. Those who share the qualities of the crab have the ability to escape confrontation by consciously sidestepping trigger issues. Crab people have an uncanny ability to move through water (Emotions) to be unaffected by the moods and feelings of others, excellent for business or spiritual leadership roles. If the crab has come to you in a life or a dream, it is a message to let an issue that is troubling you go.
In Native American Myth the crow represents the secrets of the sacred law i.e. the laws of truth (intuition) and must not be confused with the commandments of humans or any religious systems. The crow combines past, present, and future, because it lives in a void without any perception of time. Since it also combines light and shadow, it perceives its outer and inner truths simultaneously. The crow guards the sacred laws that came directly from god and proclaimed once that everything that exists is born by woman. People who have the power of the crow must stand by their own realizations and constantly strive to live the truth that they discovered. The Crow signals that you have transcended mortal law, and to permit your own higher self to become your leader.
The dog is a totem of faith, reliability and mentoring. Its basic instinct is to serve a master, and even though it is often mistreated, it always answers with love. Since the dog strives to be respected by its master, it is, of course, possible to spoil it with the wrong training. Ultimately, the dog is the guardian of its master and willing to do anything for him, possibly even follow him into death. Traditionally, the dog is also guardian of secret areas and ancient knowledge. The dog’s heart is filled with compassion, and it is willing to overlook human weakness. The dog can help bring these qualities to life in a person. He teaches us about mentoring, that is being the person who believes in us more that we believe in ourselves. The dog teaches us to examine one’s loyalty toward one-self and others, and if a dog has arrived in your life it is a question about whether you are truly giving support.
The dolphin teaches about breathing, which connects us with life and the vital energies. By changing one’s breathing pattern, it is possible to be free of past emotional issues and establish links with other beings and other worlds, since breath connects us with the Great Spirit and its entire creation. People with dolphin energy can act as mediators between the people and the inhabitants of the dream world or the divine power. The dolphin teaches one to overcome obstacles easily and joyfully by changing one’s rhythm and, thus, one’s energy pattern. Free yourself from all burdens through conscious breathing.
The dragonfly, creature of the winds, represents the tricking of the senses and change. Its iridescent wings are reminiscent of magical times and, thus, let us realize that life is an illusion. The dragonfly teaches that nothing is quite the way it seems, and that it is therefore necessary not to allow our senses to be tricked. Furthermore, the dragonfly conveys messages from elementary beings and plant spirits. If you wish to make changes, call to the energy of the dragonfly. If a dragonfly has appeared in your life it is a message to delve into your belief systems and to eliminate those that maybe false or limiting.
The duck is symbolic of water energy (emotions) and the ability to deal powerfully with them. The duck is also known as a helper of clairvoyance and seers. His message is to listen to emotions and feelings as the bringers of truths, as opposed to side stepping or ignoring them as intolerable or shameful. Water Energy is the carrier of intuitive messages that can be missed due to intellectual stifling.
The dugong’s significance is that of an unassuming peaceful nature and very nurturing. The message of the dugong is to break free of mothering, or perhaps even smothering, from within ourselves or another. The sheer gentleness of this creature reminds us intuitively of our nurturing as a child, which may have been lacking or over-bearing. Awakening our consciousness to unconditional love will expand our personal power through interdependence.
The eagle personifies the divine power. It can rise high in the sky, higher than any other living being, and because of this comes close to the Great Spirit. Rising to such heights, it can observe life in its entirety. The eagle teaches the importance of recognizing the whole pattern of life with its bright and dark sides. This means we should regard both positive and negative events as experiences that can serve a higher purpose and help to develop the self. The power of the eagle, therefore, requires trust in divine leadership and only by examining his strength of soul can a person acquire the power of the eagle. Eagles’ feathers have been used by shamans since ancient times to heal the aura of the sick. The message of the eagle is: Defeat your fears and see beyond your horizon, become one with the element of air and fly!
In the medicine wheel, the Echidna takes the place of an innocent child. Its disposition is friendly and loving; it is never the instigator of trouble. If it happens to be attacked by another animal, which rarely occurs, its spines will protect it. The teaching of the Echidna embraces faith and trust. Since faith is said to move mountains, this is a very significant power to have. This animal teaches us to be open, to discover new miracles every day, and to free ourselves from the serious routine world of adults. The Echidna has held on to a child-like sense of wonder and its trust in the divine plan where everything will turn out all right. Its friendliness and openness can unlock the hearts of others in order to share love and joy.
The emu is a symbol of blame and forgiveness. In many Aboriginal Dreamtime stories the emu is cast as a troublesome, unreasonable and quarrelsome creature, who missed special opportunities and friendships due to the instigation of conflict. The message of the emu is the examination of personal fears, unrealistic expectations and communications to bring harmony to relationships.
The falcon is the messenger among the animals; it is roughly comparable to the divine messenger in Greek mythology. The cry of the falcon always announces a special event, which may be associated with joy as well as danger. It is important to observe the present situation closely and, if necessary, take the initiative and act courageously. The message of the falcon also says to reach out and accept the gifts of the Great Spirit, which are there but may not yet have been noticed. People who have the power of the falcon are keen observers, who do not miss the smallest detail nor lose sight of the whole. They recognize the signs and receive advice from the other worlds. Whenever you hear the piercing cry of the falcon, take note! Aim for a better perspective to be able to interpret the message from the falcon.
The fish is generally symbolic of decision and grace. The message of this graceful creature that dwells within water energy (emotions) is open-mindedness and decisiveness. Fish people are deeply psychic and heed their intuition (emotions and feelings) when making decisions, which may cause them to swim away from a situation until clear. The fish asks us to be sure that it is not fear holding us back from something that may be of great benefit to our lives. Peace is resumed when a decision is made, however you may change your mind guilt free, at any stage in your life.
The Fox is symbolic of Cunning, agility, quick-wittedness, diplomacy, wildness, feminine magic of camouflage, shape shifting and invisibility The most prominent characteristic of the fox is its ability to become one with its environment, The fox is a very observant and fast animal, ready to take action at any time. Its power lies in its cleverness-for example, when leading its enemies astray. Another characteristic is its concern for its family. People who possess the power of the fox are usually quiet observers and are skilled at remaining unnoticed. This means that they blend into their environment, moving around unnoticed in any kind of company and society. They are masters of camouflage. The fox teaches how to grasp concept of unity and how to use this knowledge wisely on all levels.
The frog is linked to the element of water and the cleansing powers of rain. It is associated with all rites of initiation connected with water. Just as a human being learns about the element of water first in the mother’s womb, the frog spends its early life in the water as a tadpole. It has the power to summon rain by singing a certain song. People who possess the power of the frog are often good mediums or healers. This power enables them to cleanse their environment from any negative influences, and it is used to rid haunted places of ghosts or cure the sick from their illnesses. The frog is always the messenger announcing the start of new life. If the frog leaps into your dreams, it may be time for you to take a break, pay more attention to yourself, and cleanse yourself. This includes freeing yourself from circumstances in your life that are unpleasant and a burden. It is important to create a space for a new life.
The goanna is symbolic of male energy encompassing strength, power and greed. Each of us have a male and female part. The female part is the water energy (emotions), the vital intuition that is connected to our sense of ethics, reality and honesty. The male part is the hunter and gatherer, the fearless warrior who will get the job done at any sacrifice. The message of the Goanna is about common sense and perceiving love as a weakness. The Goanna is a sign that the wisdom of the feminine part may be being shut down in favour of more materialistic or competitive illusions.
The hawk is a messenger of insight, adaptability and openness. Hawk people aim to initiate and lead, and may be impulsive from time to time. They want to establish individuality while still being accepted by the group.
The horse shows both earthly strength and unearthly powers. It is regarded highly throughout the world and connected with the magical powers of shamans. With the help of the horse’s speed, a person can cover long distances in a relatively short period of time. The horse has also made transportation of goods a lot easier. It is, therefore, the first and foremost totem animal of civilization. The power of an engine to this day is measured in horsepower. Riding a horse conveys a sense of freedom. It teaches that power cannot be attained by force, but rather that it is given to him who is willing to accept responsibility in a respectful manner. Just as the horse carries its rider on its back, the rider carries responsibility for everything around him. The power of the horse is the wisdom to remember all the steps in one’s life and learn from them. This includes experiences from a previous life. Real power is strength used with wisdom. This requires love, compassion, and the willingness to share one’s achievements and insights with others. It is important not to let our ego deny us access to this power.
The kangaroo represents over protection, selfishness, greed and secrets. It symbolizes the failure to permit oneself (or another) to expand, or step out of a comfort zone. The kangaroo’s message is that a life smothering is taking place and to be released from the controlling energy caused by fear. The kangaroo’s manifestation is the breaking of the static boundaries and moving boldly into new territory and experiences.
The kookaburra is a wakeup call to your fires of passion. In Aboriginal Dreamtime mythology a good spirit who lived in the sky saw how bright and beautiful the earth looked when it was lit up by the blaze of his fire. He considered that it would be a good thing to make a fire every day, and so from that time he did so. All night long he and his attendant spirits, collected wood for the heap, and when the pile was big enough they sent out the morning star to warn those on Earth that the fire would soon be lit. The spirits, however, discovered that this warning was not sufficient, as for those who slept through it missed the spectacle. Then spirits decided that someone should make some noise at dawn to herald the coming of the sun and waken the sleepers. The Goo-goor-gaga, the laughing jackass, was commissioned by the spirits to proclaim the coming of the sun to waken the sleepers. The kookaburra’s message is to apply inspirational fuel, to keep the flames of passion high.
The lizard symbolizes the dream world beyond time and space. It dreams of the future. The lizard teaches how to use dreams to create a future reality. Since it can see into the future, it always knows in advance what will happen. This includes self-fulfilling prophecies. One dreams of a situation, and then it is up to the dreamer to decide whether to continue fuelling this situation and, thus, make it real or not. The lizard encourages you to look more closely at your dreams and your shadow in detail. Have you seen your future, your hopes, or your fears? The teaching holds that you are responsible for every single event in your life, consciously or not, because everything that happens springs from your wishes and fears.
The magpie is a message about intelligence, adaptability and success. Ancient folklore suggests that when two or more magpies fly into one’s life, good fortune is on the horizon. Magpie people are opportunists and rarely miss a chance to gain something for nothing. They are extraordinary chameleons and have the ability to succeed in life. Magpie people often have varied interests (a Jack of all trades?) which make mastery of any one thing challenging, though not impossible. They are fascinated by the paranormal worlds and must take care not to be drawn into the darker sides of psychic religions and occults. Magpie people are highly intuitive and will eventually fully embrace higher awareness and consciousness.
The moth is a totem of ideas, intuition and sensitivity. The wings, bodies, and legs of the moth are covered with numerous touch hairs and is highly sensitive to vibrations. They can feel, smell, taste and determine temperatures with their feathery antennae and have the ability to perceive everything with clarity. Moth people usually have strong psychic and healing abilities. They must be careful not to pick up other people’s problems and carry them around in their own energy field. If this happens confusion and irritability can set in. The process of metamorphosis is part of the magic the moth holds. The egg stage symbolizes the birth of an idea. The larvae stage indicates the laying of a foundation. The chrysalis stage represents the process of creating, and the winged stage allows it to take flight and explore new territory. When the moth appears in our life it is a message about sensitivity or insensitivity to those around you.
The mouse examines everything very closely. It encourages us to take a closer look and to establish a system for everything we know. By dissecting everything, one fails to see the whole; by examining things too closely, one loses sight of the broader context. The mouse also possesses a very acute sense of danger. Mouse-people are usually quite fearful, careful, and extremely diligent. Everything they do is well organized and systematic. It is important that they venture into the unknown, take a look at the enormousness of the universe, and practice tolerance.
The owl is symbolic of magic and second sight. It is often referred to as the eagle of the night. It can see extremely well in the dark night and its hearing is also very well developed. Its victims are unable to hear it approach, since the owl does not create any noise during flight. It is almost impossible to keep a secret from an owl-person, as they see through even the best hidden ploys. They always grasp the whole truth and often take this gift for granted. It is because of this ability that they are often unpopular and feared by others. The owl is the essence of wisdom, since it can see and hear things that others cannot. It can help discover the truth and interpret signs of fate.
The Parrot is a message of selfishness, self-centeredness and self-importance. The Parrot is a showy and brightly coloured identity whom has developed a self-important illusion about his place in the hierarchy of life, and his journey is that of recognizing the imposter in himself. Parrots love the sound of their own opinionated voice, always trying to be heard over others. Despite the self-centered attitude and loud mouthed nature, Parrot people are mostly harmless, desperate to be acknowledged and seeking the attention that was failed to them in childhood. When Parrot appears it is an indication that there is a journey into the past required to heal the inner child.
The penguin signifies order, purpose and community. Penguins exude an air of properness and good manners, and are community coded where they will walk bolt upright forming several lines denoting a sense of order and purpose, determination and focus. Penguin people bear the same qualities and are bound to become great leaders within their group. Both male and female penguins bow to one another before entering or leaving the nest, and their human counterparts make fine partners and parents. The bow is a behaviour demonstrated most often in pairs. Those with the Penguin totem are usually meticulous about their appearance and enjoy life styles related to high society. They are social and feel at ease in any type of situation. The Penguins message is to embrace and understand all realms of life, including the dreamtime (meditative) states. If the Penguin has appeared in your life prepare for a life altering course of mastery, fascination and transformation.
The pigeon is the totem of goals, focus and perseverance. This unassuming bird holds the qualities of home, security and maternal instincts. Those with this totem have often experienced unsettling childhood’s and are constantly challenged to find security and clarity in all areas of their lives. The Pigeon totem assists us to find the stability and home that has been lost to us in the past. The Pigeons gift to us is the ability to accomplish through our attunement with the nature. If a Pigeon has come to you, its message is to set clear goals and to keep your sights and sensitivities focused on where you want to be. Do not be concerned with how you will get there, only how it will look or be when you arrive.
The platypus represents female energy. Its elements, water and Earth, are also those of woman. Its balancing power enables the platypus to play and have fun with its offspring all day. The platypus would never start a fight, because it does not know aggression and imbalance. Therefore, it approaches everybody with curiosity and friendliness. It will only defend itself if attacked first. Its physical shape also corresponds to the Native American image of femininity. It is slender and full of grace. The Platypus teaches that being a woman is about joy and openness not envy or jealousy. It is the power of sharing kindness. People with the energy of the platypus practice free love without control and power games. They are the true practitioners of unconditional love. They flow with the stream of life without the need material goods. This is the powerful, receiving-energy of women.
The possum is the deviation expert in the animal kingdom. Working under the cover of the night possums movements are secretive and mysterious. The possum teaches us to use one’s intellect and intuition to find the way out of tricky situations. An attacker loses interest if the victim appears indifferent and uninjured. Possum people are great strategists and protectors. They are not fazed by superiority and will calculate to confuse or surprise opponents.
The rabbit is a totem of gentleness, fear and faith. The rabbit is often associated with fear because of the nervous energy it expends. Sensitive with keen observation skills, the rabbit has strong reflexes that help them dash to safety quickly protecting themselves from danger. They can be seen, disappear and reappear in the twinkling of an eye. They are always clear on which direction to go and when. Rabbit people can also move quickly and unpredictably, but may have the tendency to not look before they leap. When Rabbit appears it is enabling you to take advantage of opportunities that may only present themselves for brief period. When the Rabbit shows up it is time to face the fears that hold you back from growing. The Rabbit is guiding you into a mysterious world of spirituality and rebirth, and all that is required is a leap of faith.
The rat is the totem of change, survival and waste. Those whom have the Rat as their totem are survivors and hoarders because they fear lack. Rat people feel urged to acquire large quantities of material items and fight aggressively to maintain their possessions. The journey for Rat people is overcoming their image of selfishness and greed, which in truth is their way of feeling secure. Rat people adapt well to environmental changes which enhances their resourcefulness, but they can learn to bring trust and true abundance into their lives by awakening their lives to consciousness. If a Rat has appeared to you, the message is to examine the ways you may be participating in wasteful consumption or fearful emotions and to awaken from your illusions.
The Seagull is a totem of Emotional Healing. Seagulls are mostly witnessed either diving into the water or surfacing to float. It is considered that the seagull’s connection to water is symbolic for those whom share this totem. Water represents our emotional state, and because the Seagull’s behaviour adds to the message, then its actions upon appearance should be noted. If a Seagull dives in front of you, then this can signify deep emotional issues that require healing. If the Seagull bobs upon the water’s surface, it is considered a message of peace and the “letting go to let God”. Go more with the flow and trust that you are safe. Seagulls also represent the teachings of fairness and respect and how to create relationships based upon these two important principals.
The seal is the keeper of wisdom and shows us what is hidden deep within ourselves. Their message is how to integrate our imagination with our conscious awareness, and intellect. Doing so brings balance and harmony into our life on every level. If the Seal comes into your life you are being asked to examine your thoughts, feelings and emotions to establish a point of balance and reality. Seal people have water (emotions) as a creative element in their lives, which represents the feminine and intuition, this makes them highly intuitive to others. Pay close attention to your beliefs and visions both in the dreamtime (meditation/sleep) and in the waking state. There are no limits to the creative energies stimulated by Seal medicine.
The shark is a totem of fearlessness and confidence. Sharks have incredibly sensitive noses that can smell one drop of blood in 50 million times as much water. They can feel the pressure waves made by a struggling fish and are sensitive to electromagnetic currents. They teach those with this totem how to develop and refine their own sensory abilities. The study of aromatherapy would benefit those with this medicine. Shark people are traditionally loners and in order to remain centered may require time to themselves. If they do not have this important time alone they can become irritable, anxious and aggressive in their behaviour. The Shark offers the power of protection to those who resonate to it. In the course of our life’s learning we can attract events and people that are disharmonious. When there is something in your life that you need to frighten away call upon the shark to help you. Working with shark medicine gives you the power and confidence to drive off the negative.
By shedding its skin, the snake symbolizes change in the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. It counts among its strengths the power of creation, of sexuality, of the soul, as well as of transformation and immortality. Snake-people are higher cast, because as part of their experiences they have had to come into contact with poison (physical or mental) and have been able to transform the poison in their bodies into something harmless. The snake belongs to the element of fire, which causes desire and passion in the physical realm and, in the spiritual realm, creates a connection with the Great Spirit and leads to all-encompassing wisdom. Whenever the snake appears in your dreams, it is a sign of change as you come ever closer to perfection.
The Spider is a totem of responsibility and infinity. The shape of the spider and the number of its legs both show the number “eight,” which represents infinity. The spider embodies the unlimited number of possibilities within creation. Doubling the number “four” indicates both the four winds and the four cardinal points. The spider instructs us to accept responsibility for anything that happens in our lives. We weave the web of our destiny. The victim who becomes caught in the web has not yet understood this lesson and has become entangled in a reality that appears to be unchangeable. The spider teaches that each being is responsible for its own plan of life. It is important not to lose oneself in deceptions of the senses, and it is helpful to write down one’s progress to remember how certain strategies have led to success. The spider also stands for the development of writing.
The power of the swan lies in accepting the gift of change. As the swan submits to the higher plan of the Great Spirit, it evolves from the “ugly duckling” in its youth to a graceful adult swan. Since it is willing to accept this gift, it is allowed to see into dreams. People with its power can see into the future, because they are willing to let the plan of divine power materialize. The swan teaches to bring consciousness into balance with all levels of being and develop ones intuition. It is important to admit to the ability of knowing about the future.
The tortoise embodies Mother Earth. Its shell is its shield. Its slow gait is intended as a warning not to rush anything, but to wait for the right moment. Its eggs hatch because of the sunlight, and the tortoise thus points out how important it is to let one’s ideas ripen in seclusion before sharing them with everybody.
The tortoise also teaches one to stand with both feet firmly on the ground connected with the Earth, Furthermore, it shows how to protect one’s feelings and to withdraw into oneself. If it feels it is under too much pressure, it may even snap at and bite the encroacher.
The wasp is a totem of shape shifting and interdependence. Most wasp species are solitary. Unlike bees, which are hive oriented, the wasp is independent and prefers to work on his own rather than in a group. Solitary wasps have little patience and will swarm all over a task they are performing with a gusto. Wasp people are independent thinkers and have difficulty relating to authority figures. They prefer to do things in their own way. Individuals that hold solitary wasp medicine often receive recognition as the frontrunners of new trends or ideas later in life. Because wasps can be either independent or social, those with this totem often display two different yet distinct personalities, aggressive or communal. Personality shifts can create chaos for those in relationships with wasp medicine people. Just when you think you know the person, they change and become someone else.
The wasp teaches those with this medicine how to use diversity to their advantage. By observing the wasp we can learn how to shape our outer image and become more connected to our inner knowing.
The wombat is a totem of resourcefulness, stability and foundation. Wombats have long claws adapted for digging. They teach us how to dig beneath the surface to acquire the resources needed for change. Strong and heavily built, with short powerful legs and strong claws the wombat holds the teachings of stability and foundation. They stand their ground in most situations and are not easily intimidated. Industrious, determined and very smart they have a large brain and know how to use it. These traits are inherent in wombat medicine people yet not always used. Wombat asks you to wake up and use the gifts that are your birth right. Use your will constructively but don’t be too pushy in your determination to achieve. Wombats are playful and will folic with what seems like endless energy. They are also quite fast moving when they need to be. Their small ears hear frequencies and sounds unknown to humans and their small eyes can see what lies between the spaces. This indicates that their psychic vision and psychic hearing are fully developed. Those with this totem often find themselves in situations where their psychic skills are tested, criticized, ignored or praised. They are reminded to honour their truth and not be intimidated by others.
The whale is the keeper of the Earth’s history and secrets. It keeps alive the memories of the legendary motherland of Mu, which was once located in the west of America and to which all Native American tribes trace back their origins. The whale was once the witness of the great disaster to which the motherland fell victim. People who own the power of the whale are often very perceptive and can, with the help of this gift, access all the information that exists in the universe. They often have telepathic powers, but the source of their knowledge frequently remains unknown to them. It is only with time that they realize how to utilize their powers. The whale teaches one to find and blend with one’s own original sound, because it carries the history of all living beings. It shows that the right frequency can heal and, with the help of the whale, you can learn to connect with the ancient language that was used for communication before language in its current form was developed. The whale always guides the way to discovering the meaning of your own life.

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