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Ascension Symptoms & an Energy Update

by PathofthePhoenix

We find ourselves amidst a profound paradigm shift, ushering in a new era of heightened consciousness. The emergence of the new earth is underway.

Individually and collectively, we are rapidly ascending with greater purpose and clarity, imbued with a profound understanding that our investment in self serves both our present and future on Gaia.

We are now actively engaging with the quantum fields of potential, preparing for our 5D existence within Earth’s forthcoming timelines, aligning ourselves for what lies ahead.

The Earth’s vibration continues its ascent as we are enveloped by abundant light and elevated frequencies from diverse sources: the nurturing embrace of Mother Earth, the energy pathways of ley lines, the resonance of crystals, the cosmic dance of solar flares, celestial alignments, the guidance of angels and spirit helpers, and our unified commitment to embody love, joy, and connection.

While this journey is exhilarating, the energies we encounter can also be intense, evoking potent sensations as our bodies adapt to this new frequency. The denseness of our physical form may manifest various symptoms as we undergo this profound transformation.

These symptoms may include:

– Clumsiness and absentmindedness, accompanied by instances of impulsivity.
– Fluctuations in body temperature, including unexplained hot flashes and sweating.
– Flu-like symptoms that ebb and flow unpredictably.
– Fluttering heart, heightened pulse, and a warm sensation spreading through the chest.
– Sporadic overheating or chilling sensations, often accompanied by changes in blood circulation.
– Heightened sensitivity to smell, with scents becoming more potent.
– Disruption in sleep patterns and quality, leading to insomnia or fatigue.
– A pull towards solitude and nature, away from the bustle of modern life.
– Heightened psychic abilities, including increased intuition and telepathic connections.
– Dietary changes and fluctuations in weight, with a shift towards healthier foods.
– Unexpected life changes or upheavals, prompting shifts in career, relationships, or location.
– Periods of intense energy and creativity, often overshadowing other endeavours.
– Difficulty in perceiving time accurately.
– Heightened inner dialogue and mental activity.
– Lack of focus, accompanied by foggy thinking and forgetfulness.
– Disruption of electronics and electrical devices.
– Sensations of buzzing or energy flow within the chakra centres.
– Sudden intolerance to certain foods and additives.
– Changes in hair and nail growth patterns and appearance.
– Challenges in maintaining a regular sleep cycle, accompanied by vivid dreams.
– Increased sensitivity to sound and music preferences.
– Epiphanies and moments of profound realization, accompanied by synchronicities.
– Mood swings and emotional volatility.
– Deep yearning for self-discovery and authenticity.
– Unexplained anxiety or worry.
– A sense of displacement and longing for true belonging.
– Occasional experiences of channelling or spiritual communication.
– Feelings of unconditional love, unity, and appreciation for the natural world.
– Activation of the Crown chakra, leading to sensations on the scalp and headaches.
– Digestive issues and muscle or joint pain without apparent cause.
– Muscle twitching or spasms due to heightened electrical activity.
– Feeling disconnected from the physical body, accompanied by clumsiness.
– Sensing the presence of spirits or higher beings.
– Intensified dreams, including lucid and prophetic experiences.
– Occasional perception of auras around people and objects.
– Vague sense of urgency and acceleration of time.
– Brief episodes of telepathic ability.
– Deep inner knowing of one’s purpose and mission.
– Increased frequency of synchronicities, prompting reflection.
– Feeling isolated despite external connections.
– Intuitive recognition of profound soul changes.
– Temporary skin conditions and changes in eyesight.
– Heightened daydreaming and creative bursts.
– Dental and sinus-related issues.
– Reduced consumption of caffeine and changes in taste preferences.

As we navigate these new energies and traverse through moments of darkness, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. However, amidst the challenges, it’s crucial to embark on a journey of self-discovery at the soul level.

This process isn’t always easy, as it entails confronting dormant aspects of ourselves, shedding years of outdated conditioning. Physically, our cellular structure undergoes transformation to accommodate the heightened frequencies within our being.

This journey aligns with significant astrological and planetary shifts occurring during this time. During moments of hardship, taking a step back to rest and recharge is essential. Quieting the mind allows for the emergence of creative solutions to life’s challenges.

Nourishing the soul becomes paramount as we forge a deeper metaphysical connection with our true selves and spirit. Our collective purpose unfolds as we embark on the journey towards oneness.

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