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Clear Your Brain Clutter

by PathofthePhoenix

There are many different ways to clear your brain clutter. This beautiful tree analogy is just one of them.

Take a close look at this picture and imagine that your whole body and mind is represented by this beautiful tree.

The base and root system of this tree is how grounded and physically present you are. The trunk is the core of you – the quiet, still, steady space inside of you that never wavers. It’s strong and unshakable. The branches are your ideas and creations and all the things that you need to do throughout your day, in order to keep growing. The canopy of leaves represent all the thoughts coming in and going out of your mind.

This tree is regularly impacted by external forces like the sun, wind and rain. Whatever the impact is, the part of the tree that always remains steadfast is the trunk itself.

So if your leaves are rustling and getting blown about indicating that your mind’s overloaded and frantic, you can tap into your own inner stillness, calmness and quietness by doing the following:
Breathe – Throughout your day, breathe deeply into your body, which gives your mind some much needed respite.
Meditate – this helps to redirect your focus to your own tree trunk rather than the canopy of leaves.
Journal – Write in a journal daily if you can to help declutter your mind & calm down those rustling leaves.
Release – Work out why your leaves are rustling. Whatever you’re worrying or stressing about, decide if it needs solving or can you just let it go?

If you feel you need some guidance on the many different ways to clear your brain clutter and deal with stress and anxiety in your life, please contact me to for more information or make an appointment today.

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