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Crystals are often referred to as “stone people” or “wisdom keepers,” because they hold thousands or even millions of years of the Earth’s history within them. Ancient civilizations have worked with the energy of the Earth since the beginning of time, finding guidance from that which lived under their feet.

Today, crystals are infused in beauty products, displayed in homes and businesses, and crafted into beautiful jewelry because of their healing energy. From dedicated yogis to those who have never meditated a day in their life, more and more people are using these wonderful gifts from the Earth.

Crystals have a long tradition of being used for healing. Each variety of crystal has a unique internal structure, which causes it to resonate at a certain frequency. It is this resonance that is said to give crystals their healing abilities. Applying this resonance in a coherent way can help to restore stability and balance to the bodies energy systems, stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Crystal therapy is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralize negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings.

Like people, each crystal is unique and has a different story to tell. Each stone has its own vibrational blueprint, so take the time to shop around for different types before you decide which one is perfect for you. When first choosing a crystal, focus on its colour, shape, and size  rather than its healing properties. More often than not, the crystal you are drawn to visually possesses exactly the energy you need. If you’re able to shop in person rather than on the Internet, be sure to hold the crystal in your hands for a few moments so you can truly feel its energetic effect on you.

Below is a list of the more common crystals and their characteristics.

Crystal Characteristics

Agate: Strengthens your mind and body; helps you discern the truth; powerful healing stone when used in conjunction with the chakra colour system

Blue Lace – Facilitates calmness; creates a sense of self awareness that helps maintain balance during times of stress

Botswana – Helps sooth your nerves; lift depression and place your focus on service

Crazy Lace – Reconnecting to Gaia/Earth; great for grounding when multiple priorities demand your attention

Fire – Stone of the astrologer; increases your sense of safety and protection

Green Moss – Creates a strong bond with the natural world

Amber: Ancient manifestation tool; use with focused intention to attain your goals

Amethyst: Calming and protective; excellent meditation stone; accelerates development of psychic abilities

Angelite: Removes fears with calming energy; increases faith and serenity; used for astral travel and spiritual communication

Apophyllite: Enhances clairvoyance and assists in astral travel; outstanding meditation stone; links with spiritual energy and improves dream recall

Aquamarine: Balances your emotional, mental and physical aspects; creates an awareness and integration of universal truths

Aventurine: Accelerates the balancing of both the masculine and feminine energies within

Azurite: Transformation stone that’s linked with creativity, intuition and inspiration; eliminates illusion


Blue – Eases joint pain and unlocks the hidden reason for discomfort

Brown – Acts as a stabiliser when you’re faced with conflicting priorities

Cream – Assists with astral travel; emotional balancer; creates a sense of lightness and ease

Grey – Establishes focus on being centred in your personal power; produces clear thoughts for decision making

Green – Excellent healer for the physical body; brings universal flow into your life with ease and harmony

Honey – Helps cleanse toxins and bring your body into alignment for optimal well being

Orange – Delivers a new awareness and appreciation of creative expression; reminds you to embrace your own abilities

Pink – Clears and rebalances your heart chakra to increase self-love; expands your overall capacity for compassion

Carnelian: Creates harmony between your mental focus and creative inspiration, allowing your vision to be actualised

Celestite: Assists with evolution to higher levels of consciousness; serves as a communication tool for linking with the universe; heightens awareness of your personal truth

Charoite: Third eye stone; enhances psychic awareness and abilities; catalyst for discovering and healing hidden fears

Chrysanthemum stone: Stone of change that expands compatibility; builds unity through fun and innocence; removes obstructions and helps you start or continue moving towards your goals

Chrysocolla: Balances your heart centre which brings stability and awareness of your emotions; focuses the healing energy of universal love into your personal experience

Chrysoprase: A light joyous crystal that works to heal personal problems; assists in lifting depression with calming healing energy

Cinnabar: Promotes profitable business transactions while establishing a sense of abundance

Citrine: Power alignment tool that works with your Higher Self to heal old patterns; increases self-esteem and attracts abundance

Copper: Easing joint pain; increases self-esteem and self-awareness; establishes emotional boundaries

Coral: Supports the healing of bone structures and eases emotional distress

Desert Rose: Enhances your feelings of well-being; increases your understanding of your unique personal value in the universal plan

Diamond: Reflects all colours of the rainbow and chakra system; channels clarity, commitment and communication; enhances prosperity, love and spirituality while also focusing on personal purpose

Dioptase: Enhances life balance, used to create harmony while working on your personal purpose, powerful healer

Emerald: Stone of the heart; excellent for dream work and meditation; works to deepen spirituality and consciousness; all-purpose healing gem

Flourite: Accesses your deeper awareness and spiritual growth; grounds energy and improves your focus; strong restorative gem

Garnet: Stimulates passion, creativity and purpose; assists in healing blood related disease

Gold: All-purpose healer; stabilises, purifies and balances while presenting the masculine energy of action to the world; speaks of abundance and well being

Hematite: Enhances your personal magnetism, optimism, will and courage; strengthens your physical and etheric bodies; acts as a grounding tool

Jade: Prosperity stone that also aids with health; assists with past life recall and ancient wisdom

Jasper: Works with your chakras to balance, recalibrate and heal; soft energy nurtures and enhances organisational skills and quickens project completion

Ocean – Embodies the heart-healing properties of pink and green; circular markings assist with circular breath and movement of energy

Picture – Perfect companion for bringing natures therapeutic powers indoors; serves as a reminder to embrace meditation practice

Kunzite: Opens your heart to love; helps create balanced partnerships; promotes peace on Earth by reducing individual separation and stress

Kyanite: Connects you to youthful zest and optimism; good for speaking from your heart with trust; aids in experiencing the joy of life

Labradorite: Represents the temple of the stars; assists in discovering your destiny; clarifies your inner sight

Lapis Lazuli: Opens your third eye and expands your senses; connects your heart and head to create balance and interdependence in your relationships

Larimar: Gentle, innocent energy; releases depression with calming energy

Lemurian Quartz: Rare, powerful crystal that connects you with the ancient information from past civilisations; promotes self-confidence through increased focus and concentration; strong telepathic stone and healing partner

Lepidolite: Relaxing mineral soothes and dissolves stress while supporting the discovery of your Higher Self

Malachite: Exceptional healer; builds your physical health by strengthening your heart; attracts abundance through your hearts life purpose

Moldavite: Extraordinary vibration elevates consciousness with awareness; helps you connect with ascended masters

Moonstone: Stone of new beginnings and talisman of good fortune; encourages positive change; protects travellers


Black – Natures shelter for sensitive individuals; dispels negativity and pain; repels unwelcome feelings

Rainbow – Helpful in understanding the present in terms of the past; helps you release old beliefs and judgements

Snowflake – Reduces fear and rebalances your focus so that you can concentrate on positive outcomes

Onyx: Increases your awareness of visions and dreams; emphasises self-control and grounding; good to increase concentration

Opal: The essence of harmony; balances all aspects of your body to create a sense of peace

Pearl: Symbol of integrity, purity and grace; special conduit to the universe that works especially well when used with coloured stones

Peridot: Clears the way for your heart to feel; bolsters prosperity in all areas of life; invaluable for understanding relationships with honesty and integrity

Platinum: High-level conductor that moves energy at great speeds; particularly effective when combined with diamonds

Pyrite: Assists in creating earthly abundance; provides stabilising support during meditation which increases your ability to balance diverse energies


Clear – Draws blessings of all kinds into your life; believed to bring the stars into your soul; enhances your spiritual awareness and intensifies the awakening process; harmonises energies

Rose – Facilitates heart-healing openings to emotional connection on all levels; focuses energy on self-love; fosters inner peace, tranquillity and healing

Smoky – Superb meditation partner that grounds and centres; helps eliminate fears; enhances your dream awareness

Rhodocrosite: Eases moments of change; serves as a bridge between upper and lower chakras to create a balanced and loving approach to life

Rhondonite: Used in toning practices to escalate sounds and amplify connections; effective stone for shedding old patterns and pain

Ruby: Strengthens love; induces awareness of your heart connections; opens you to self-love in order to receive the devotion of others

Sapphire: Clears mind chatter; enhances your organisational skills and intuitive abilities

Selenite: Gives access to information from the Pleiades; heals negativity and fears; provides alignment and cleansing abilities

Silver: Feminine receptive energy that softly engages with stones in order to escalate their properties

Sodalite: Helps you release control issues; increases psychic awareness; wonderful third eye stone

Sugilite: Amplifies pineal and pituitary gland activity to connect your physical and spiritual bodies

Tigers Eye: Enhances connection with your personal power and strengthens your resolve; improves insights and softens stubbornness; fosters self-confidence

Red – Builds your confidence by accessing your inner wisdom and guidance; perfect for public speaking

Topaz: Master stone with heightened vibration; brings information and healing at an accelerated rate, especially for those with open hearts

Blue – Writers crystal encourages communication from your heart; aligns your creativity and purpose

Golden – Joyful gem that partners to attract wealth, well-being and love; helps fully open your crown chakra to heavenly exchange

Pink – Aphrodisiac drawing love on many levels; heart chakra stone that amplifies your ability to love unconditionally

White – Heightens your vibrational levels; clears old energy and increases your feeling of connection with the Divine

Tourmaline: Significant healing stones that commands energy on its own; creates a chakra bridge of spiritual expansion when used with other crystals

Black – Excels at dispelling negativity in all forms, especially electromagnetic vibrations  associated with mobile phones and computers; stimulates practicality with creativity so you can achieve your goals

Green – Rejuvenating jewel; opens your heart chakra to the joy and zest of life

Pink – Female balancer that helps you accept devotion and receive universal gifts

Watermelon – Blends compassion and passion to create love from the physical and spiritual levels

Turquoise: Combines the energies of Heaven and Earth; healer of the spirit that induces wisdom, trust and kindness; stone of the shaman

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