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Is Eating Healthy In Your Too Hard Basket?

by PathofthePhoenix

Is eating healthy in your too hard basket? I know it was in mine for a very long time.

You’d love to start eating a more healthy and balanced diet. You start making changes, but it all seems like too much trouble and before you know it you’ve slipped back into your old habits.

Sound familiar?

Well you’re definitely not alone!

So what’s the trick to making changes that actually last long term?
The solution is to keep your ‘why’ front and centre.

What are your goals?
To become a more conscious eater?
To reduce the risk of disease?
To fit into a smaller clothing size?
To simply feel better?
All of the above?

It doesn’t matter what your why is. What’s matters is that it’s important to you.

Make sure you set realistic goals and break it down into baby steps.

If you choose to cut out sugar, caffeine and alcohol all at the same time, you’ve created a recipe for disaster. If you wish to eliminate something from your diet, start by gradually reducing your intake, then once you’ve sustained that level for a while you can eliminate it altogether. Choose the thing that you consume the least, and eliminate that first. Small wins lead to greater success.

It’s the same with any fad diet plan you’re thinking of following. Does it provide you with the necessary nutrition? Is it sustainable? Does it suit your daily life? If it doesn’t tick all those boxes then a rethink is in order.

And when it feels like it’s all too hard, remember your why, refocus and keep on going. You’re worth it!

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