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How I Survived Major Trauma and You Can Too

by PathofthePhoenix

Surviving major trauma is a different experience for everyone. When your life is turned upside down, as mine was when we lost everything to a bushfire in 2013, you have a choice. You can curl up in a ball in the corner and hope it’s all just a bad dream. Or you can pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

It’s not easy. It’s not pretty. It’s really hard work. It’s soul searching. Digging deep. Finding the strength just to get up each day. Functioning on automatic. Remembering to eat only because you have to. Doing all the things that need to be done just to survive.

It’s making huge decisions (like deciding to rebuild and choosing a new home) when you probably should have waited a while. It’s using every tool and resource you can find in a desperate need to feel normal again. It’s an emotional roller coaster that you can’t get off.

So how do you do it? Where do you even start?

You start one day at a time, or one hour or minute if that’s what it takes. You learn to swallow your pride and allow others to help you. You reach out to family, friends and professionals for help and advice and you take advantage of what they offer.

Most of all you allow yourself to feel your emotions. Don’t push it away or deny whatever it is you’re feeling. Sit with it and allow it to simply be. Let it wash over you and pass through you.

Find your happy place. The one thing that makes your soul sing, even if it’s just for a minute. I use meditation and essential oils to declutter my brain and reading is my escape from reality. It’s taken time to overcome the mental block, but now I get outside and ground myself in nature. Whatever you love to do, take the time to do it.

There is no magic wand, pill or treatment. It won’t all just go away by itself. There is no expiry date or timeline. However, it will get easier. You will get through it. There is life after trauma. It may not be the same as before but you can make it just as good or even better.

Sometimes just talking to someone who understands can help. If I can assist you in moving forward in your life, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME and take advantage of my knowledge and experience.

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