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The whole universe consists of matter that has a specific frequency or vibration. The higher the frequency, the faster the vibration. Our job is to raise our frequency in order to vibrate at the highest rate possible to create the reality we desire. The higher the vibration the faster we manifest our desires. So the key to attracting a new job, abundance, good health or even a partner; is to work on raising your vibration.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and we all vibrate at different frequencies, depending on a multitude of factors. If you’re constantly complaining about everything that’s wrong in your life, you’re focusing your energy and attention in the wrong direction. Instead try focusing on all the things you’d like to attract more of, and express gratitude for all the good things you already have. It’s only when we come from a place of gratitude and appreciation for all our blessings, that we can manifest our desires.

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