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by PathofthePhoenix
Our world is used to Yang, we tend to think the only way forward is to ‘do’. To take control. To manage. To make happen. Yang is a powerful force. But as we know from the symbol, Yin is equally powerful. And greatly undervalued and underused in our culture.
Yin is receiving. Yin is the feminine, the sensual. Yin is chaos. Yin is emotion. Yin is rest. Yin is the dark (~ where all life is conceived). Yin is quietness. Yin is slowing down.
The power of Yin is closely related to the Sacred Feminine. It teaches us to slow down from our frantic doing and thinking, to sink into our body and be present with what arises.

It’s holding space for ourselves and others, without the need to fix, advise or pass judgement. To just simply be there and listen

Holding space is one of the things I do best. If you need someone to simply listen, I’m here for you.

Our true essence is that of a spiritual being, which is just one part of the force we know as Source, the Creator, God, Goddess or whatever other name you identify with.

When we are on earth a tiny part that of all that we are enters our physical body. This is called the Soul. Your Soul is your direct connection to your true Spiritual form, which is often referred to as your higher self. It forms the basis of your inner guidance system or intuition and is responsible for storing and relaying everything you experience here on earth.

During this 90min session, we will help you:

  • Reconnect to your intuition
  • Connect to your guides and guardians
  • Discover your psychic gifts
  • Explore your soul’s purpose
  • And pass on any messages that the universe has for you.

Whether you are new on your spiritual path or a seasoned lightworker, spiritual mentoring & intuitive life coaching sessions, provide 1:1 guidance, resources, and tools, specific to you and your spiritual & personal development goals.

The aim is to support you in building upon and expanding your existing knowledge and skills, developing and honing your spiritual gifts, and activating new ones.

Reclaiming Your Light sessions are designed to assist you in bringing forward your spiritual truths and the practices that awaken your inner wisdom and guide you on your path.

By using a variety of modalities, including Holistic Coaching and Counselling, NLP & Time Line Therapy, Intuitive Numerology, Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Guided Meditation Journeys; combined with my own knowledge & gifts, I will help you reconnect to all those pieces of your soul and allow you to become the powerful human you were always destined to be.

This program is designed to change your life!  By utilising this powerful process, via six 90min sessions, you are able to:

  • Release yourself from trauma
  • Overcome fears and phobias
  • Forgive and be compassionate of yourself and others
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Improve your relationships
  • Silence the negative voice in your head
  • Acknowledge your self-worth
  • Live in the present moment
  • Open yourself to new experiences
  • Realise your goals
  • Activate your gifts
  • Step fully into your power