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Mental rehearsal involves thinking about your future actions, mentally planning your choices, & focusing your mind on a new experience. Let’s go over this sequence in greater detail so we can more thoroughly understand what’s happening in mental rehearsal & how it works.⁣

As you mentally rehearse a destiny, you imagine it over & over again until it becomes familiar to you. The more knowledge & experience you have wired in your brain about the new reality you desire, the more resources you have to create a better model of it in your mental picturing, & so the greater your intention & expectation are. You are “reminding” yourself of what your life will look like & feel like once you get what you want. Now you are putting an intention behind your attention. Then you consciously marry your thoughts & intentions with an elevated emotion, such as joy or gratitude. Once you can embrace that new emotion & you get more excited, you’re bathing your body in the neurochemistry that would be present if that future event were actually happening. It could be suggested that you’re giving your body a taste of the future experience. Your brain & body don’t know the difference between having an actual experience in your life & just thinking about the experience—neurochemically, it’s the same. So your brain and body begin to believe they’re actually living in the new experience in the present moment.⁣

By keeping your focus on this future event & not letting any other thoughts distract you, in a matter of moments, you turn down the volume on the neural circuits connected to the old self, which begins to turn off the old genes, & you fire & wire new neural circuits, which initiates the right signals to activate new genes in new ways. Thanks to the neuroplasticity, the circuits in your brain begin to reorganize themselves to reflect what you’re mentally rehearsing. And as you keep coupling your new thoughts & mental images with that strong, positive emotion, then your mind & body are working together—& you’re now in a new state of being. Now, your brain and body are no longer a record of the past; they are a map to the future—a future that you’ve created in your mind.

Source: Dr Joe Dispensa

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