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Phoenix Rising

by PathofthePhoenix

“According to Egyptian mythology, every 500 years the Phoenix self-immolates, meaning that it voluntarily lights itself on fire so that it may be reborn as a greater expression of itself.

Did you know that 95% of who we are is a set of unconscious thoughts, automatic programs, repetitive habits, emotional reactions, and memorized behaviours? These routine programs affect us mentally, spiritually, physically, chemically, biologically, and genetically, and they serve to keep us stuck in the past. When we’re entrenched in these life patterns, we might as well be a hamster on the proverbial wheel— and the only way to step off the wheel is to become aware that you’re on it. In other words, the only mode to produce change is to bring consciousness to what we were unconscious of, and we do this by observing our thoughts, perceptions, behaviours, emotions, and actions.

To become a master of our thoughts and emotions, like the Phoenix, we need to be able to sit in the discomfort of the fire. Sitting in the fire is both the process and the initiation, and for many it can be a very difficult and painful process. The body craves the past, and by using our will to overcome the safety and comfort of the past, the body goes through all sorts of transformations on a moment-to-moment basis. I can tell you from experience that there have been countless times during my meditations where I’ve felt like a pugilist backed into the corner of a ring, and my opponent—the insufferable voice in my head called the ego—delivers body blow after body blow. Its strategy is not to land the knock-out punch, but rather to weaken and disable.

The metaphor of lighting the self on fire is sitting in the presence of that discomfort for a long enough period of time—continuously observing ourselves—until the ego tires itself out. Every time you win that round by becoming conscious of those unconscious thoughts, programs, behaviours, and attitudes, you are raising your energy—because consciousness is awareness and awareness is paying attention. You can’t have consciousness without energy, so the moment you start raising your awareness, you start raising your energy, and consequently moving closer to the unified field.”
~ Dr Joe Dispenza

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