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Phoenix Rising Group Empowerment Program

by PathofthePhoenix
Phoenix Rising Group Empowerment Program

No matter how long you have been on your spiritual journey, whether you are brand new to these concepts, using them in your daily life or sharing your knowledge with others; it’s very easy to get caught up in wanting to do more, learn more and be more.

Before you know it, you’re totally overwhelmed, you’ve lost track of why you started this journey in the first place, and you’ve disconnected from the simple things that help ground and guide you along the way.

Sometimes you just need to get back to the basics.

The Phoenix Rising Empowerment Program breaks down and strips away all the extras that get in your way. It takes you back to your core, it strengthens your foundation and reconnects you to the person you were born to be. You get to put on your armour, draw your sword, experience your rebirth, and become the Phoenix.

Learn how to:

– reconnect to your own inner wisdom

– reduce stress and anxiety

– re-frame your thoughts to improve your mental health

– create simple rituals to support your wellbeing

– meditate in a way that suits your life

– utilise the gifts of Mumma Earth

– access your own unique abilities

Plus many more tips on living the life you truly deserve.

This 12 week program includes:

– Weekly Group Empowerment Sessions

– Monthly Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing Sessions

– Group support via the Phoenix Rising Facebook Group

– Access to me via my inner circle messenger chat group

– Free access to my Monthly Webinars

Topics covered:

Week 1 – Opening Ceremony and setting intentions

Week 2 – Rituals & Routines – creating practices to nourish your mind, body & soul

Week 3 – Meditation – find out which style suits you

Week 4 – Chakras – what they are and how they affect you

Week 5 – Energetic protection – grounding, clearing and shielding

Week 6 – Intuition & Psychic Gifts – learning to use your inner guidance system & your innate gifts

Week 7 – Signs from the Universe – how to recognise the messages from your Guides & Guardians

Week 8 – Gifts of the Earth – The 5 elements of nature plus crystals & essential oils

Week 9 – Emotional mastery – discover ways to relieve stress and anxiety

Week 10 – What’s hiding within – bringing light into the shadows

Week 11 – Quantum Language – using your thoughts, words and actions to create your reality

Week 12 – Manifesting your reality – creating your vision for the future

Previous participants have this to say!

“The Phoenix rising 12 week program was such a beautiful deep dive into the spiritual nature of myself, the earth’s magic and the quantum field. Carmel holds such a beautiful container every week, diving deep into activation of gifts and intuition to how to create sacred space. These were such powerful tools to learn how create rituals that enhance my human experience and to grow energetically. She is such an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to rising you to a higher version of yourself and I highly recommend this program for anyone wanting to heal, activate, learn, grow and to find yourself on a deeper level. The group environment cultivated a beautiful connection of sisterhood and tribe. Thank you Carmel for your incredible container.”

Becken – NSW

“The Phoenix Rising group was an amazing collection of beautiful like minded women who supported and held each other in this space which Carmel provided. Within the program, I learnt how to trust my intuition and emerging gifts so much more, allowing me to step into the person I was destined to become, an ever evolving process. Thankyou Carmel for sharing your amazing wisdom with us to help us to expand and evolve further. It was truly an honour to be in this space with you and the other ladies and wouldn’t hesitate to be part of one of your programs in the future.”

Sarah – VIC

“I highly recommend Carmel’s program to anyone who wants reconnect with their intuition and learn how to trust it. Carmel’s way of sharing her wisdom is very unique. She’s created a container full of support, trust, love and fun. After every session, she was giving us tools and how to use the knowledge in every day life to fully experience it and enjoy. I loved every minute there.”

Ania – UK


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