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Intuitive Numerology Readings

Numerology reveals the blueprint of life, definitively identifying the true potential of every individual.

Your name and your date of birth are the map for your soul’s purpose. Letters and numbers carry a vibration and geometry that shapes the way you experience the world. Every letter of your name and every number in your birth date is a blueprint of your destiny.

Your personal numerology chart reveals what your talents are, your abilities, how you experience the world, your intuitive gifts, your desires, challenges, fears and opportunities. Awareness and understanding of the numbers outlined in your chart can help you lead a fulfilling life by understanding who you are, the way you do things and the various patterns and phases which occur in your life.

Please include the following information in  the comment section of the cart:

Your Date of Birth – Your Full Name, as it appears on your birth certificate – Your Current Name (the name you use when you introduce yourself , this may include a nickname that you are known by)

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