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Phoenix Rising ~ Foundations



Do you ever feel like something’s missing?

That there’s untapped potential within you, waiting to be discovered?

Have you heard a lot of terms being tossed around but have no clue what they mean?

Are you drowning in information overload and not sure who or what to believe?


With over 60 self paced lessons, personal support via Q&A and lifetime access to the material, this course will give you a solid foundation to build from.

Specifically designed for those new to spirituality, or those wanting to solidify their practices, the Phoenix Rising ~ Foundations course provides all the information you need, in one easy to navigate place.

No matter how long you have been on your spiritual journey, whether you are brand new to these concepts, using them in your daily life or sharing your knowledge with others; sometimes you just need to get back to the basics and build from a solid foundation.

The Phoenix Rising ~ Foundations course takes you back to your core, it strengthens your foundation and reconnects you to the multidimensional being that you truly are.

By empowering you to discover and access your own inner wisdom and healing capacity, you will be able to view your life from a higher perspective. By the end of the course you will be reconnected to your Soul, your guides and guardians and will have realigned your mind, body and spirit.

Just like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, you will have transformed the way you live your life and and have a wide range of tools and techniques to support you on a daily basis.