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1:1 Sessions

by PathofthePhoenix

My sessions have been described as healing, empowering and inspiring.

My clients receive insight into long held trauma and often experience a deep emotional release, and a relief of physical symptoms.

The sessions also provide a sense of calmness and clarity.

Using a combination of my intuitive gifts and decades of training, you will leave feeling calm, clear and empowered.

All my 1:1 sessions are available via Zoom, or in my home for those local to Jervis Bay & surrounds.

Intuitive Messages – Guidance for your Soul is a combination of Oracle Card reading and messages that I receive from the Spiritual Realm.

During the session you can choose to focus on a few specific questions, or you can choose to allow whatever messages Spirit has for you to come through.

$45 – 30 minutes ~ $85 – 60 minutes

30min Session

60min Session

Reclaiming Your Light blends elements of shadow work, mentoring, and healing into a transformative experience. Every session is deeply intuitive, tailored to your specific needs in the present moment, ensuring each encounter is unique and profound.

If you’ve encountered trauma, wrestle with life’s challenges, or sense something holding you back, I’ll offer a broader perspective and help pinpoint the root cause.

We might integrate energy healing to activate your body’s subtle energy systems, clearing stagnation and blockages. This process ignites your body’s natural healing ability, alleviating stress, anxiety, and various physical symptoms.

Additionally, I’ll equip you with practical tools and daily rituals for ongoing support. Together, we’ll:

– Tap into your inner wisdom
– Release trauma and negative beliefs
– Ease physical discomfort
– Strengthen your spiritual connections

I’m here to guide you in realigning your mind, body, and spirit, empowering you as you embark on the journey to reconnect with your Soul and Reclaim Your Light.

Available as a single 90-minute session, or a 6 x 90-minute session package for those ready to undertake deep exploration.

$150 single session ~ Discount 6 Session Package: $140 per week for 6 weeks or $800 upfront