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There are always many questions about shielding. So I’ve written this little tutorial on building a basic shield. This is for those of you who have an understanding of energy beyond your sense of emotion. Even if you still struggle with this, picture this in your mind as intention as much to do with this process in addition to focus and intention.

This process is best learned outside. It is easy to access more directly the universal and earth energy when you aren’t in a box. Pretty simple right? Yup it can be done, but why make more work for yourself. So when you’re learning, go outside and make this part of your daily self care ritual. This takes me moments only. But learning takes time and practice, practice, practice. See a theme here? This is work.

So go outside and find yourself a nice piece of earth: grass, sand, dirt, rock. Earth not man made. If the weather is appropriate take off your shoes and stand with your feet hip distance apart and really feel the earth under your feet. The texture of it. Feel the sun’s warmth on the crown of your head. Allow that warmth to wash over you. Take a big breathe and close your eyes. Exhale. Repeat 2 more times. From you hands at your sides, on your third inhalation sweep your arms up and around you so your hands are over your head, palms outstretched to the sun. Exhale and feel pure white light energy flow through you, flowing form your crown. Visualise your feet planted and rooted into the earth, with roots from your heels which burrow deep in the earth. Take 2 more cleansing breaths in this position, visualising this connection. On your third exhalation, sweep your arms down to your sides and circle them into prayer position at your chest, visualise the pure white light being swept between your palms. Compressing them together, the energy is about the size of a small ball. Feel it warm your palms. Take a big breath of that energy in, and direct it to that ball. As you slowly pull your palms apart, see the ball of visual distortion, that watery image behind your eyes. With each breath, expand that ball and push it out to surround you. This covers your aura. It is NOT a part of it. It is a separate thing entirely. Your aura is your absolute last defense.

You may start with a fairly small ball of energy. That’s okay. Practice practice practice. Focus. When I construct this shield of pure white light energy, my intent is that nothing that is not of my best interest may pass. Nothing that does not serve my greater good.

Do this daily or more often if you need too. Eventually it is second nature.

When I finish with my sphere; I once again center and return to prayer position. I offer thanks and gratitude. Then I go about my day.

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