I just wanted to thank you for your inspiring posts on Facebook. Going through a difficult time at the moment. But I always look to your posts to lift me up and try and get focused and back on track.


Carmel is a beautiful and knowledgeable soul. She will take time to understand where you are at and give guidance that is specific to your current state. Appreciate having crossed Carmel’s path.


Carmel’s insight and gifts have helped me see the world differently and mostly importantly see things in myself that bring inner peace 💖


Carmel not only reads the cards, she uses her intuition to offer you a more in depth understanding of whats happening in your world…highly recommended, you will not be disappointed!


I purchased an archangel animal 3 card reading and had it promptly delivered to my email! I love to have my cards read and received such an in depth informative reading that truly resonated with me and my life situation. I will definitely be recommending her services to my friends and family. Thank you Carmel –  love and light 💕


Carmel is an amazing, gifted person. Her knowledge and skills are incredible. She has helped me massively and I highly recommend her.


Carmel is so incredibly knowledgeable and gifted. She is so caring and passionate to heal and help others. She combines all of her many skills and genuine love to help others. I am so grateful to have experienced her gifts & wisdom.


Carmel is an amazing coach, teacher and supporter. She is knowledgeable, supportive with an absolute heart of gold. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of working with Carmel to jump in, she has helped me through difficult times and is a spiritual goddess.


Carmel is a wise and gorgeous soul who has an in depth knowledge of healing with which she serves & supports her clients 🙏♥️


Carmel is very knowledgeable and caring. She’s also not overpriced making her consultations a valuable investment. She has helped me work through my struggles on many occasions now & I highly recommend her to anyone feeling a little off track! Love all the wisdom she shares on her page too. Thanks Carmel

Added in 2020 – I have had the pleasure of growing along side Carmel spiritually now for 8 odd years and it’s been a pleasure to witness her growth especially in these last few months. Carmels knowledge, passion & commitment to helping others is unwavering, an inspiration to me and anyone else who crosses her path. Thanks for keeping it real beautiful lady😘