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Even though people have been helping control their body weight and boost their longevity by walking since the beginning of time, we first heard about intentionally walking to lose weight and fight off certain diseases around the 1990s.

Walking daily for health gained attention at this time when the Centers for Disease Control in partnership with the American College of Sports Medicine first recommended at least 30 minutes of “brisk walking” for all adults most days of the week. At the same time, the American Heart Association got on board with the “30 minutes of walking daily” message. The rest of the world followed suit.

Walking has since been considered the gold standard for meeting the guidelines of daily “moderate-intensity physical activity,” since it can be done by just about anyone, at any time, for no cost whatsoever.

6 Health Benefits of Walking

  1. Helps You Maintain a Healthy Weight
  2. Low-Impact and Easy on Joints
  3. Good for Improving and Preserving Heart Health
  4. Fights Depression And Improves Your Mood
  5. Supports Bone Health Into Older Age
  6. Can Be Done Anywhere and Doesn’t Require Equipment

So what are you waiting for? Slip on a comfy pair of shoes and get walking!

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