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Once upon a time there was a society who hailed women as the Goddess.
The Feminine aspect of every Being was known as our connection to pure life force energy.
It is the deepest connection to our Intuition, sensitivity, creativity, sensuality, psychic and spiritual gifts and our very nature in the cosmos.
Our bodies were thought to be the most Sacred portal between the spiritual realm and the mortal realms – the Vessel that created and held life.
We could carry the spark of another humans soul within our very own being.
Our life giving blood and cycles followed the ebb and flow of the Moons phases and with it, our Tribes could harness that powerful energy in all areas of life.
There was Tribe, connection and community.
We were taught sacred knowledge and wisdom by our Grandmothers.
Mothers held and tutored new mothers in the ways of nurturing and raising children.
We danced and laughed with our sisters and together we honoured Mother Earth in the lessons she taught us.
We became the Healers, Story Tellers, Wisdom Keepers, Womb Healers, Mothers, Maidens and Warriors; wild and graceful.
We came to know the Creatrix energy inside our very own nature till we embodied all things.
Last of all we became the Crone – here to lead and teach the next generations how to embody the divine within her.
Along our journey as a Society – worshipping the Goddess aspect of the Divine was lost.
Her male counterpart rose as the Divine Masculine energies were misused and turned against her.
The age of Patriarchy begun and thus – the union of the masculine and feminine faded away. The Goddess rejected.
Unsettling Wars for power and land crept across the Globe. Kingdoms were set up -destroying other Kingdoms for gain, status, power, fortune and fame.
Women were suppressed. Silenced. Creativity hidden away. Sexuality seen as Sorcery and “unclean” and our Divine essence seen as a duty obligation and right to be handed over.
Eventually our knowledge and power that was once so valued became the target of suspicion and fear.
“Witches” burnt at the Pyres for their
knowledge of healing, herbs, medicine and mid-wiving.
Sister turned on sister out of fear – feminine wounding created cracks in our blueprint and the Age of fearing our own limitless power began.
The Divine Feminine is rising once again and we are here to heal the trauma in our Collective Remembrance.
We are here now to heal the deep feminine wounding at our core, reclaim the sisterhood and our innate gifts that are our birthright.
There are those of you who have been called to Initiate back into the Remembrance of these Ancient Divine Feminine Teachings.
To HEAL ancient wounds and explore Your gifts, Moon cycles, Energy, connection to Mumma earth and to connect back to the Goddess within.
This is your Rite and your Passage to ground back into the energy that has been your birthright since the Dawn of time.
Original post by Becken Fuggle
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