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Women’s Wisdom Circle

by PathofthePhoenix
Women’s Wisdom Circle


In ancient times the women would gather to honour the Divine and to share wisdom and healing.
It was a safe space for reflection, expression and communication. Where they held each other in reverence as representatives of the Divine Feminine Power.
Magic happens when women come together, when they gather in circle, when they are seen, heard & held for all they were, are & are still becoming.
Are you searching for a place to connect with other like minded women?
Do you crave a sense of ‘belonging’ without judgment or expectation?
Are you seeking a safe space to simply ‘BE’
Do you need time to return ‘home’ where nobody wants or needs anything from you.
Are you ready to embrace this new season, the season of new beginnings, together we step away from the busyness of the mind & land in our body. Together we walk each other home, to our truth.
Together we GATHER, we share our stories, we laugh & cry, because your words matter, your stories matter, YOU matter.


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